5 tips to remove pet stains and bad smells from your carpet

If you have some pets running around the house, as well as sitting, sleeping, and playing on your carpet, you have to be extra careful. Your pets might dirty your carpet from time to time. The bad news is that cleaning a carpet is much more difficult than cleaning dirty clothes. The good news, however, is that it is still doable, and it is quite simple to do.

If your carpet got dirty because of your pets, you just need to be prepared to clean it up regularly. Here are 5 tips to remove pet stains and bad smell from your carpet:

1. Remove The New Stains Immediately With Fresh Water

If you know that your pet is dirtying your carpet, such as urinating on your carpet, then you should remove the new stains immediately with fresh water. First, take a towel and soak the fresh water to it. Ensure to remove your pet urine from the carpet first. Then, after the urine is properly removed, continue soaking your carpet with fresh water over and over until the urine stains and the odor is gradually removed. Then, apply a cleaning property to the dirty area on the carpet.

2. Extract The Stains Thoroughly

If the stains on your carpet have been there for quite a long time, you should extract the stains thoroughly. Clean the stains from the carpet by using something rough and brush it on your carpet over and over. After the remains of the stains are removed, you should start cleaning your carpet with fresh water or by using a carpet cleaning machine if it is too difficult to remove.

3. Use A Carpet Cleaner Machine To Remove Persistent Stains

Using a carpet cleaner machine is recommended to remove the stains on your carpet, especially if it is very difficult to remove. You can hire a cleaning professional to do it, or you can simply rent or buy a good cleaner machine that works for your carpet. It should come with the instruction manual on how to clean your carpet thoroughly with the machine. You can follow the manual to get the cleaning job done.

4. Clean The Carpet With A Steam Cleaner To Remove Odor

Sometimes, removing the stains alone won’t help you to remove the odor or bad smell that is caused by such stains. The trick to remove the odor is to use a carpet cleaner machine that utilizes steam as the main cleaning property. You can usually mix it with some cleaning properties that can help you to remove the odor from the carpet. This is the fastest way that you can follow to remove any bad smells that are left after cleaning the stains.

5. Use Cleaner Properties That Are Natural And Odorless

Some cleaner properties exhibit very strong smell that might not make you feel comfortable with. So, be sure to choose the cleaning properties that use natural ingredients. It also needs to be odorless or uses some good natural perfumes. While cleaning the stains and bad smell from your carpet, you want to ensure that the carpet is free from any traces of stains and smell later. So, by using this type of cleaner properties, you can effectively eliminate any bad smell on your carpet. Moreover, it prevents your pets from dirtying the same carpet again later.