Have pets? you need pet friendly flooring

Considering adding a furry four-legged friend to your family? Or are you looking to make changes to make your home more pet-friendly? Consider the areas of your home your pet will have access to. One of your considerations should be the floors, as your pet will spend most of his/ her time on them. Pet paws, bodily fluids, and weight can have an impact on your floor. Choosing pet-friendly flooring that is durable and easy to maintain will have positive impacts on your pet-owning experience. Having a surface that is comfortable and safe for your pet will ensure your pet is happy.

Pet Friendly Flooring – Hard Surfaces

These are attractive because they are easier to clean and give a clean sleek look to rooms. Hardwood specifically is a popular choice in homes, but pets and hardwoods are not always the best mix. Paws especially can cause dents and will show more wear over time. Even if you are trimming nails frequently, pets can still cause damage to floors.

If you are set on hardwood you explore species of woods that are harder, such as Maple or Bamboo. Alternatives to wood would be vinyl, laminate, tile or stone. These will have more durability than hardwood. If you want the wood look, you can still get that using an alternative. Today several materials can be made to look like wood! You can find all these options at our showrooms in Fairfax and Gainesville, Virginia.

Pet Friendly Flooring – Soft Surfaces

Carpeting may not be your first thought when you consider having a pet. Carpeting can be a very comfortable option for pets. Even if you decide to go with hardwood, you may find that your furry friend will find a rug or other soft surface to lay on anyways.

Besides being comfortable, carpeting may be safer for your pets. Pets running around to the window or the door can do so safely on a soft surface, rather than slipping around. Another big benefit, especially with larger pets, is they can roam around the home quietly. With hard surfaces, you will hear every click-clack of your pet, and that may not be something you want to hear in the middle of the night!

Maintenance of a carpet can be tricky, you’ll want to clean it often. You’ll have to be more cautious of any moisture on the carpet, as you don’t want that to soak to the padding underneath. Any extra moisture can cause bacteria and mold growth so scheduling a carpet cleaning once or twice a year can definitely extend the life and look of your carpets.

There are a few different materials carpets are made from wool, synthetic fibers, olefin, and polyester. Wool carpets are the softest of the material, but they are more expensive and not as stain resistant – so it may not be the best choice for you and your pet. Polyester and Olefin are cheaper and less durable. So your best option is going to be something that is made of a synthetic fiber like nylon fibers which is a very popular choice because it’s priced well, stain-resistant and durable.

Another option would be carpet squares. This is great especially when you are dealing with stains. With squares, you can easily replace a spot that has been stained. Another benefit with carpet, is there are plenty of designs to choose from, some will even hide the pet hair!