Eight flooring trends you've got to try in 2018

Ready to finally remodel your home just the way you’ve always wanted? Looking to flip that house you’ve been eyeing for ages? While the idea of fixing up a house just the way you want can be very appealing, it’s also very overwhelming. I mean, would you really want to to go through a lot of time and effort only to find out your renovations are already joining the trend cemetery? We know it can be hard to renovate or remodel a house in a way that really speaks to you. That’s what we’ll make it easy for you and break down it into parts. In this article, we’ll go over the hottest flooring trends so you can stay square in 2018. After all, you don’t want to hop on a trend that’s already on its way out, would you?

Pseudo Wood Flooring

This isn’t actually 2018 specific, but as a leader in flooring trends for over two years, it would be remiss not to mention it.

Textured Flooring

Textured flooring includes hardwood imitations like hand scraped, wire brushed, and other distressed forms of wood in order to give your flooring a more rustic appearance. It’s perfect when you want to bring the outdoors in but leave the maintenance and worry out to dry.

Parquet Hardwood Flooring

This one’s not as exotic as it sounds, trust me. It also doesn’t intend to cause real estate agents to wince in dread. Parquet hardwood flooring is simply any type of flooring in which solid wood pieces are arranged in a variety of patterns such as geometric shapes. Parquet hardwood is great for people looking to revive a dead room since the color and hue of the hardwood is so deep and rich and the arrangement adds a visual component bringing movement into an otherwise stationary room. It’s such a standalone type of hardwood, it would be an utter shame to cover it up with any carpeting.

Gray Wood Flooring

Previously unheard of, gray wood flooring is making a rise in flooring trends for 2018. For homes that lack that certain warmth and liveliness, gray wood flooring can act as a major makeover with little work and expense. However, be sure to ask for floor samples before making the jump. You’ll want to see what effect the natural lighting of your home has on the hue of the gray wood; depending on the exposure, natural lighting can make or break the look of gray wood flooring.

Bamboo Flooring

A growing trend across all industries, not just flooring, is the desire by consumers to act in an environmentally conscious fashion. This could not be truer for flooring. Bamboo flooring, an easily renewable resource, makes for a fresh, lively, and woody appearance in one’s home in an environmentally sustainable manner. You must make sure the quality of the bamboo is top-notch, however. Lower quality types of bamboo can damage easily and will be a source of stress before too long. To prevent premature gray hairs from sprouting up, you should only source your flooring from a reputable distributor with good reviews.

Porcelain Planks

Getting tired of all the variations on hardwood flooring? We figured as much. If you’re looking for attractive flooring that’s easy to clean and moisture resistant, look no further. If you wish to keep that woody look, porcelain planks can be modified to imitate natural wood grains, without the downsides, such as weakness to moisture.

Recycled Carpet

If you thought bamboo flooring wasn’t green enough for you, we’ve got you covered. Started in Milan, these trendsetting recycled carpets are composed of regenerated nylon and recycled plastic bottles. Besides the obvious eco-friendly benefits, recycled carpet flooring is extremely versatile, meeting the vast majority of needs. Need an environmentally friendly carpet? No problem, stain-resistant nylon can be crafted into anything from thick carpet to thin carpeting, and all the types in between. Some companies, like Mohawk, have even turned materials as crazy as corn sugar and plastic bottles into usable carpeting. I won’t be able to look at soda quite the same way again.

Cork Flooring

Looking for something a little more exotic? Something eco-friendly yet affordable? Then cork might just be the flooring for you. Making a come up in 2018, cork flooring is quickly becoming a dominant trend due to its fun springiness and unique pulpy look. However, if you have pets or young children, cork probably won’t work out for you. Cork isn’t as durable as other types of flooring, like hardwood, which means it won’t be able to take the type of abuse that’s typically expected from Fido and Little Johnny.

Varying-Width Hardwood Flooring

Back in the day, builders had to use all parts of the tree when making a home. This often meant that you could expect the planks making up your floor to vary in texture, color, and width. While this variability died down for the most part after the emergence of mass-produced planks and tiles, allowing builders to use nearly identical pieces to develop entire homes with a homogenous look, this design is a pleasant throwback to historic homes. If you’re looking for a unique and fresh look in your home, but don’t want to stray too far from conventional flooring, this would be the perfect flooring for you. This type of flooring is more expensive than traditional hardwood flooring since it does require quite a bit more time in terms of installation. If the look is one you really want to settle for, you should be prepared to make the investment.

Carpet Tiles

Peanut butter and Jelly? Cookies and Milk? Shrek and Donkey? What normally happens when you combine two great things? You get one even better thing! The same can be said of carpet and tile. Both are excellent standalone choices for flooring, but together, they truly are a next-level choice. This option is great for people looking for the texture of carpet, but the easy installation and design versatility of tile, allowing for all sorts of patterns and geometric shapes. Compared to traditional carpeting, carpet tiles are making a rapid rise in popularity.

Hopefully, by now, we’ve helped you tackle one part of the complicated home renovation process. You’re one step closer to making that dream home a reality.