Choosing child-friendly flooring

Thinking about upgrading your floors for your growing family- you aren’t alone! Many families find comfort in knowing that their newest member will be greeted with new and clean flooring. If you think about it, your baby will spend a lot of time on the floors as they grow to crawl around seeing what they can get into. Choosing to update your flooring is a good one, but what do you choose? Let’s go over some choices you should consider when updating your floors.

Think Carpeting

When we think carpets, we think of a cushion for our feet (and our little ones). Carpeting can be a great family-friendly option for those with young children in the house. As our little ones learn to stand and walk, carpeting can be a good bumper for those expected tumbles. Consider carpeting as an option as there are many types and styles on the market.

Think Durability

As much as we would like to keep our kids little, we all know they grow up fast. Before long, your new baby will be learning to walk and running around on your floors. Making sure you choose a durable flooring now will help your floors last long into your family's future. Some people opt for cheap carpets and flooring that lead to a shorter shelf life and they end up having to replace it sooner than expected. Do your research and find a look and brand that compliments your goals and accentuates your home.

Think Easy Cleaning

Our kids manage to crumb all over the floors no matter how hard to try to prevent it. Think about hardwood flooring as an option as it can be easier to maintain than carpeting. A quick Swiffer or let-it-go Roomba can take the hardships out of floor care when it comes to hardwoods. The one thing to remember is that hardwoods can be slicker than carpeting. Consider area rugs for those learning to walk to aid in those bumps and tumbles.

Think Resiliency

One option that combines the maintenance of hardwood floors and the give of carpet is cork flooring. Yes, you heard us right. Cork flooring seems new and modern, but it’s actually one of the oldest types of flooring on the market. It is a great option that falls nicely in between carpet and hardwood as far as softness and might give you that unique look that is always good for real estate.

Think Budget

A lot of families choose to go with the less expensive options now because they know what type of wear and tear the flooring is going to experience. Consider laminates as they can easily be maintained and are one of the most budget-friendly flooring options out there. Just keep in mind that they can be slick for little walkers and they don’t have much give to them for those that might fall.

No matter what flooring option you go with, just keep in mind the age and activity level of your family and make sure your flooring choices line up with them. You can see all the flooring choices first hand before you buy at one of our flooring showrooms in Gainesville, Virginia and Fairfax, Virginia!