6 tips for amazing window treatments

The right window treatments can make a huge difference in your home when done appropriately. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to dress up your home, starting with the windows makes a lot of sense. Window treatments can make for the biggest change in a room next to paint. They’re hugely important for a major makeover and can add height, drama, breezy ambiance, softness, and even a punch of color to any space, and we definitely encourage you to give them a spin!

You do not have to spend a lot of money to install new window treatments, but those window treatments can make a huge difference in how your home looks both inside and out. There’s no better feeling than personalizing a room to make it your own. Whether you’re using color, fabric, art, wall hangings or a combination of all of these things, it’s always rewarding. Windows are the number one reason for temperature transfer in homes, cooling rooms in winter and heating them in summer by convection heat transfer, the glass panes reflect the temperature of the outdoors, and they transfer that temperature into the air that is in contact with those glass panes inside your home. This can cause your home heating and cooling system to have to work even harder to properly heat or cool your home, driving up your energy bill as well as harming the environment. With the right type of window treatment, however, you can minimize the temperature transfer of windows in your home, significantly lowering the cost of your energy bill and contributing to the preservation of the earth.

Now that you may be more aware of the benefits of window treatments, we’ll provide you with six simple tips for amazing window treatments!

1) Match the Treatment to the Window

Think about the window you are dressing up and what the room will be used for. You have a number of choices when dressing up a bedroom window, from traditional curtains and window shades to blinds. Drapes are generally more appropriate for the living room, while adjustable drapes are perfect for kitchen windows. If you want your windows to have a visual softness and voluminous fabric, layer blackout drapes and sheer panels. Your room will be airy and bright during the day, with sound sleeping at night. Sheer panels let in soft filtered light while still preserving privacy, and blackout drapes allow for serenity and a full night of rest. You can even use two drapery rods to move either set independently, letting you control the light in your room however you want.

2) Bigger is Not Necessarily Better

Bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to window treatments. You want to enhance the beauty of the window, not overpower it. A simple set of curtains with an elegant valance will look better than a bulky set of curtains. The square footage of the window you are dressing will massively impact the cost of the window treatment. Most treatments are sold by the panel, rather than the square foot, but regardless of what kind of window treatment you are considering, you will need to measure your windows to properly estimate how much the treatments for them will cost. Simply having the measurements for the window itself will not always cut it, either; depending on the type of dressing you are interested in using, you may have to measure the width of the inside surfaces of the window, how close it is to the ceiling and the floor, and other spatial elements.

3) Think About the Desired Effect

Draperies can really dress up your living room by creating a focal point. A set of heavy draperies can change the entire look and feel of the room. No matter what type of window treatments you choose, the color and style should complement the existing room décor.

4) Be Careful of the Color

It is important to match colors carefully when shopping for window treatments. If you are shopping at a local store, ask for a couple of swatches and use them to match your existing décor. Matching colors can be a bit harder when shopping online, since the color you see on your monitor may not be the same as the real-life color.

5) Check the Return Policy

Brick and mortar stores are an ideal choice to make your purchases. Ikea, Target, Walmart, West Elm, JC Penney, and Bed Bath & Beyond are all great places to turn to when you’re hunting for curtains. If you do buy your window treatments online, be sure to check the return policy carefully. Even if the online company provides a generous return policy, it could be costly to ship them back.

6) Measure Your Windows Carefully

Whether you buy your window treatments locally or online, measuring your windows is the most critical step. Be sure to read the instructions carefully and understand exactly where and how to measure your windows. Then measure the windows again to make sure the first one was accurate. The old advice to measure twice and cut once is certainly applicable to window treatments

After you have made your decision about the kind of window treatment you will be using in your home and bought all of the necessary materials, the next and final step is installation. Many window treatment sellers will offer professional installation, which is often the easiest option and the most surefire way to ensure that your window treatments are installed and function properly. Professional installation by the same vendors who sold you the window treatments for your home will also have plenty of experience installing those treatments, meaning they will be able to work quickly, efficiently, and know about any potential issues to watch for during installation.

Professional installation, however, can come with a price tag that some homeowners simply cannot afford, especially after paying for the new window treatments themselves. DIY installation, then, is the more affordable answer to keep your costs as minimal as possible so you can stay within your window treatment budget. However, DIY installation can be a bit tricky. For many people, professional installation is the way to go; sometimes, despite your best efforts, DIY attempts, especially with window treatment, can make your home look like a haunted house instead of a cozy abode.